why bracelets are great fashion accessoires

why bracelets are great fashion accessoires

Reasons why Bracelets are good fashion accessories

There is really no limit to how often bracelets can be worn. Just like watches, bracelets can be worn everyday including alongside wristwatches. Although the looks vary and some are suitable for special occasions. There is wide range of materials from which bracelets are made from and which people can choose from which include platinum, stainless steel, leather, gold, silver, brass, copper etc. A bracelet is a several-purpose fashion accessory that has the capability to add color and flavor to its wearer's outfit or appearance. In this article we will be discussing the things that make bracelets great fashion accessories

It attracts people to you

In a social gathering, when you have interesting accessories on, you get the attention of people drawn to you and strangers might start walking up to you to have a closer look at your bracelet to know the story behind it or how you came about it.

A very nice bracelet could be the excuse someone needs to walk up to you and start a conversation like, "That's a nice bracelet, where did you get it?"

n gatherings such as one in which everyone is wearing the same thing, an eye-catching bracelet would make the whole difference and make you stand out of the crowd. With bracelets that have an interesting history about them, you are afforded an opportunity to showcase your love for history and so many opportunities could arise from conversations like these.

2. Health Reasons

There is a lot of people living with medical conditions that can get complicated at any given time. In the event of an emergency, a medical bracelet is all that is needed to send alerts to first responders along with vital medical information and emergency contact information.

Although a medical bracelet is not exactly a fashion accessory, it is nonetheless necessary for anyone who has a medical condition.

3. Easy association

There are some cultures that associate wearing bracelets with being wealthy. This puts you in a circle of people you would like to mingle with and also identifies you with the highly placed individuals in the society.

4. Bracelets are forms of identity

There are some groups that wear certain bracelets that help show they are a member of such groups or to show support and allegiance to a cause. In some countries’ cultural tradition, a bracelet is a faith requirement while some believe bracelets offer some sort of protection.

5. You just love wearing bracelets

If you believe wearing bracelets accentuates someone’s outfit and looks then you enjoy wearing bracelets. This is a good reason because bracelets sure add color to whatever you are wearing. A woven bracelet that is a match with the pattern of your shirt, pocket square or tie is perfect for corporate occasions. On a Sunday afternoon, the same bracelet can also be worn while making barbecue in your backyard.

* Tips for wearing and matching bracelets

There are no hard and fast rules to wearing bracelets but bracelets are best worn on your dominant wrist or even better the wrist opposite your watch wrist so the bracelet doesn’t scratch your watch.

i) When wearing multiple bracelets, make sure you achieve balance. Dark colored outfits should be worn with bright colored bracelets. Wear a brighter bracelet with a metal cuff.

ii) Don’t let your bracelet overpower your watch and they do not have to match.

iii) Make sure your bracelet suits the occasion. For business meetings, one bracelet is just fine while for an art gallery, a sports jacket and jeans trousers with five bracelets would be perfect.